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RILA will help you excel with one on one lessons.


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A School With Global Reach

RILA teaches 3 different languages on 4 continents. But ALL students have one things in common, complete SATISFACTION!

RILA在四大洲教授3種不同的語言。 但是所有學生都有一個共同點,那就是完全滿意!

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Excel With RILA

Our world class teachers employ modern teaching techniques to help learners progress effortlessly at their own pace. Whether you are a youth or adult, come have fun learning with us!

世界一流的老師運用現代教學技術來幫助學習者按照自己的步伐輕鬆地進步。 無論您是年輕人還是成年人,都請與我們一起學習愉快!

Master teachers

RILA teachers have at least 10 years of teaching experience. Amazingly, all teachers attend weekly courses to improve their own speaking, listening, and instructional skills to make them better at serving their students. They genuinely care about the progress of each student and strive to help them reach their goals. They are superb at making personalized lessons to cater to the needs of each student.

RILA的老师至少有10年的教学经验。 令人惊讶的是,所有教师每周都参加课程,以提高自己的口语,听力和教学能力,从而更好地为学生提供服务。 他们真诚地关心每个学生的进步,并努力帮助他们实现目标。 他们擅长制作个性化课程来满足每个学生的需求。

Fluency is your future, and RILA has the PERFECT TOOLS to build it

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Educational Resources

RILA's top of the line course material was carefully selected to ensure our students exceed their language goals.


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